One site Overhaul

November 27, 2008

Recently, out of the mere pleasure and fun of being digitally organized and good-looking, I decided my friend’s site needed an overhaul.

Using my fancy new local WordPress on my USB, I began redesigning (or, more correctly re-organizing within a new content management design) his site. Here is a screenshot of this using Zinmag’s Redux theme:

It’s interesting, when working with new themes, finding more and more what elements of the content naturally tend to being best suited as a Category or posts, or a Page (or hierarchy of), and how each themes’ structure demands particular organization of categories, pages, and posts so that the content will appear as desired. This is not to say that the design leads the way content is structured.
Going from html static pages to a CMS managed via a blog-type structure requires a bit of stepping back to view how the site might best be organized in relation to the possible design elements and how they are generally structured in WordPress-based sites.
Now, that sentence says one thing for sure. I’m no designer. I am merely a tailor – taking things that are readily available and applying the necessary changes in just the right ways to suit the desired purpose.
For further reading on using WordPress and themes in a particular way as this go to this article, or here, or check out what this person has to say.


Working with WordPress

November 23, 2008

Recently, I began working with WordPress via an installation of XAMPP on my PortableApps and running a local copy of WordPress through it. It works great, for the most part. I used some help from here and some other places which i cannot recall.
Following that, I had some difficulty backing up and installing a live site and getting it to work links and all as a local installation, despite using several tutorials I found here and I think, there. My site still had some php errors which I could not resolve. I have put that on hold for the moment.
However, for working from scratch, this has been really a blast from the get-go. I have several installs for various things I’m working on, all portable.