Paddle to the Sea

January 27, 2007

Here are some photos from our most recent jaunt outdoors. We made these canoes using a craft idea found online. the girls colored them, and I dipped them in wax to make them somewhat waterproof. The a weekend or so later we finally got out to a local park and found this little brook to float them in. We were using this to relate to Paddle-to-the-Sea. I used this to teach them about how Paddle needed ballast, and just the general idea of currents, floating downstream, and what dangers there were that could easily have made Paddle’s journey short-lived.
Prior to that, we went out for a canoe ride down the Ashley River on MLK day. This trip was just loaded with teachable moments and beautiful, serene views of nature. Audrey learned a great deal of paddling. We also were able to experience high/low tide and currents. We observed several birds, of greatest note would have to be Blue Herons and the ugly old Buzzard. We really just soaked in the salt-marsh breeze. We were fortunate to be able to land on a sandbar in the middle of the river and pause to eat a picnic lunch. It’s strange to come home nearly sun-burned in January.


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